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I didn't know I ain't that Chinese. Oh well.
smartie poo! :D
...and still got time to drink imitation vodka in between :P
i'd rather have a bottle of click clock =P cosmos will be fine too =P
more cache
hey one of your courses is called clit 2008!
yes. its the specialised study of cows in particular and their anal retentive behaviour
and you didn't get an A+++?!?!
I guess your prof must've liked your paper on the Italian mafia huh
oh wow... i am surprised that you actually remember what I told you during the trip.
yes, she kinda liked it =)
monkee! so smartee pants!
come come pull down your pants
wah! hen li hai lor! all As and Bs!!!! congrats!!! :))))
heh heh thank you thank you. when are we gg for our KM8 (without the rain) before i leave?
when u leave! when got no rain! muahhahahahaha
(Deleted comment)
all thanks to vodka redbull that helps me finish writing the essays on time!
woah..so smart. congratulations!
heh thanks =)
Fwah! Shoooo Shmart Ah!!! That's mY MiMi~!!!

You still have your dissertations/essays/projects on soft copy? Would be really interested to read what you have done for your degree =) Send to me email lah.
hee hee sure, if you are interested to read. some of them are quite long leh.
Poke poke~

Still waiting for you to email me the files =)
Hey dude... congrats! So what does that A+ in "sexing culture and identity" say about you? Haha...
"sexing culture and identity" is just a provocative name for gender studies =P