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Just realised that the stretch marks on my tummy is getting deeper and longer.
Anyone knows of any wonder cream that works?
eat more! then you'll stretch out your stretch marks =P
(Deleted comment)
i got. i was looking at the mirror and it's very obvious. will show you next time.
upset upset upset
decisions decisions...

some useful comments from friends. hahaha
so have u tried the suggestions? which cream is good?
no la. havent tried la. i think my stretch marks are beyond conventional help. haha

but if u seriously want to try, i think clarins tonic body treatment oil is quite good. and revitacil seems to work too. but the killer is that u have to apply a few times daily for a few months before u can see results.
few months????!!!!!!
sigh should we just leave them to fate and continue wrinkling our bodies?
stretch marks is a curse to people who have had shed enough pounds only to find out that they still remains in another form
well, either do something abt it or get used to it. haha

erm, i dont think abt them anymore actually. once like once a month. :P
sounds like menstruation to me.
oh we all have it!
go gain some weight!!! U lost weight too fast?
no ah !! no complains about my weight but my weight has been consistent for the past few years.... and the stretch marks only seems to be getting deeper!!! HELP!
got meh?
don't remember any.
i'll show you when i see you lor =P
Sorry to burst your bubble on those over-the-counter products.
Ok thanks. at least you just helped me to save some money.
boo hoo. i'd better give my stretch marks some names, seems that they'll be here to stay
think i need to give ya a personal physical examination :P
i prefer army-style physical examination. all strip. all down. =P
I think you mean to say that the ridges between your ab muscles are getting deeper and more pronounced? ;P
i wish really. i wish =(
how like that! we disintergrating..
yes. i am heading of to the gym now! i cant live with stretch marks anymore!
you have stretch marks?
erm. yes... i believe they are stretch marks =P
unbelievable? i was fat before