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Jie Jie, dotter, dotter-in-law and me

i didnt buy anything =(

Coming back in 3 days time. sad yet happy yet the same time. oh and i am drunk. pardon my nonsense.
ah lovely. can u help us, the family look after sam the first few days u're back? thanks...
AHHHHHHHH!!!! hahahahaha what dya mean by look after =P
erm like entertain him while the rest of us hides until he gets out of his post party blue funk. THANKS!
goodness! the edgy one is a shipping one too!
opppppsssss I mean shipping one... yeah and ship her back once she is done... and make sure she is at the airport on time! haha

or just just freight her!
blondie here.... I mean SHOPPING!
were you high when you posted the comment(s)??
nope.... was at the singtel shop at UOB centre after breakfast with Jack... got free internet access there and it was bloody OLD IBM laptop!

you know the one with the red dot in the middle as the cursor?

Can die lor.....

study hard today for your last morning class :)

oh and mi turn to ask u now: i want a vodka too!
and when you come back, then we can meet in the club! :P
coming back where S'pore or melb?
s'pore first... then melb in july lor =)
YEAH!!!!!!.... oh but me and simon not around we haven't come back yet :(
chee u choon! tell your dotter i is waiting for me roast pig!
i see your classroom is well equipped with internet access.


i saw u in twn!!!!!! gawd! aftr 3 yrs of readin ur blog...finally saw u in person! still lookin GOOD!
err. how did you know it's me? I have been told mine is a common face. lol
oopz! was referring to yubin. heehee.... paiseh!!!!
=P do visit my new blog anw... www.enzotica.blogspot.com =)
Hey, call me when you are in Singapore la!