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I learned this during yesterday's lecture:

'Ethical Sluts' develop new language of love for open relationships by Maxine Frith

Frubble: Describes the feeling of warmth and happiness when seeing one of your partners getting on well with one of your partners or one of their lovers.
Wibble: The temporary feeling of insecurity when seeing a partner being loving or close with another of their partners.
Metamour: Used to describe your relationship with one of your partner's partners.
NRE: Short for "new relationship energy" – a phrase describing how one partner behaves when starting a new relationship with a new lover.
Polyamory: Loving more than one person.
Coool. I really do learn something new every day :)
that's the purpose of life isn't it. learning. really do love this course. the lecturer's amazing: female single 40 who talks about having her first multi orgasms in class.
Wah. Ok that IS pretty cool.