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I learned this during yesterday's lecture:

'Ethical Sluts' develop new language of love for open relationships by Maxine Frith

Frubble: Describes the feeling of warmth and happiness when seeing one of your partners getting on well with one of your partners or one of their lovers.
Wibble: The temporary feeling of insecurity when seeing a partner being loving or close with another of their partners.
Metamour: Used to describe your relationship with one of your partner's partners.
NRE: Short for "new relationship energy" – a phrase describing how one partner behaves when starting a new relationship with a new lover.
Polyamory: Loving more than one person.
even when your partner is experiencing NRE?

i guess both partners will be excited when a new relationship just started. i know i will be. :)
haha u didnt get me. what i mean is when your partner of, for example, 2-3 years has a new lover. Will you get excited?
the theories above applies to the concept of an open relationship, not the conservative ones that you have in mind =P
oh. if i still love the person, then of course not. but if i don't, then i'll be happy for the person. =)
will you?
will learn to. will eventually be useful, one day, some day. i suppose jealousy isnt part of the vocabulary of love ANYWAY.