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I learned this during yesterday's lecture:

'Ethical Sluts' develop new language of love for open relationships by Maxine Frith

Frubble: Describes the feeling of warmth and happiness when seeing one of your partners getting on well with one of your partners or one of their lovers.
Wibble: The temporary feeling of insecurity when seeing a partner being loving or close with another of their partners.
Metamour: Used to describe your relationship with one of your partner's partners.
NRE: Short for "new relationship energy" – a phrase describing how one partner behaves when starting a new relationship with a new lover.
Polyamory: Loving more than one person.
LOL this is funny. I've only heard of NRE and polyamory before. But I like the term frubble and wibble! Very cute.
the lecture was really enlightening. i am actually learning things in HKU haha
I must be quite a polyamorist.
hmmmmm love and sexual interest is different lalala
Ok.. what do you call a constant crush with different guys, many at the same time, yet never more than a month?
hmmm that can be considered attention deficit disorder. because according to this "ethical slut" theory, these people are in long lasting OPEN relationships. i.e. they have a number of boyfriends and/or girlfriends at the same time. its different from polygamy where the guy have many mistresses who do not love each other.
attention deficit, that means I need attention supplements... yay~

oh. you mean ritalin? *piak*
No.. Men.
I will overcome it by having more men ;-)

oops.. it's a dead cycle.

None of these words are accepted academically right?
its actually part of the new queer movement. and these terms are created by academics. and it's being taught in many gender subjects. so in that sense, its becoming increasingly accepted academically. amazing right?
i like the feeling of NRE. :)
even when your partner is experiencing NRE?

i guess both partners will be excited when a new relationship just started. i know i will be. :)
haha u didnt get me. what i mean is when your partner of, for example, 2-3 years has a new lover. Will you get excited?
the theories above applies to the concept of an open relationship, not the conservative ones that you have in mind =P
oh. if i still love the person, then of course not. but if i don't, then i'll be happy for the person. =)
will you?
will learn to. will eventually be useful, one day, some day. i suppose jealousy isnt part of the vocabulary of love ANYWAY.
Coool. I really do learn something new every day :)
that's the purpose of life isn't it. learning. really do love this course. the lecturer's amazing: female single 40 who talks about having her first multi orgasms in class.
Wah. Ok that IS pretty cool.
hmmm..... very interesting!
you got apply or not?? =P
i think hor.. HAVE LEI!