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Before I started my bachelor of media and communications programme, I was fascinated by the media [more specifically movies] we experience in our everyday lives.

While in Melbourne, I went on to realise that the media is in fact a tool used by those in power to perpetuate dominant ideologies. Hence, I was angry, but not really surprised by the Academy's recent decision to award "Crash" the top honours.

Now in Hong Kong, the course i am taking [sexing identity and culture] is teaching us to be different. Dominant ideologies [i.e. heterosexuality] in the society, i.e. Love and Marriage etc, are in more ways than one, forms of imprisonment. In fact, any form of identity is an imprisonment, especially when the identity you take on is modelled after a popular notion [i.e. gay has to be fashionable, good looking, humerous etc]. Hence, by identifying yourself as a maintstream gay makes you, inevitably, vulnerable to criticisms by people within the already very minority gay circle [how come your dressing so salah today? you are so not gay!]. Or worse, A says, "X and T slept together despite the fact that they are both attached!" True enough, we ourselves are perpetuating straight stereotypes [promiscuousity is wrong] into our circle translates the fact that we, in fact, want to be normal and accepted.

In order to be accepted, we need to first be able to cast our differences within the circle, and eventually outside the circle, aside. To accept that everyone has a set of his/her standards, and to learn to celebrate that fact. Foucault's ideas are however, utopian and on pessimistic terms, impossible to achieve. But theoretically, his book 'Discipline and Punish' is, personally, an extremely enriching experience.
Well, I've always do what I feel like doing and what I think is right,
which does not mean to say I am right all the time =PPP
then again darling right is always subjective. most importantly you will be happy when making a choice, take no regrets if something goes wrong and take full responsibility of everything. And the motto of life is to be happy and hey, hope you are feeling much better now.
True. Right being what the majority of us makes it to be.
My Right is when no one gets hurt, which kinda idealistic in itself.

I sort of went nuts with the pain and came out the other end alive but dead nonetheless. Hope I'm making sense. Haha.