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Disney Dancer divineblack is kind enough to bring me to Hong Kong Disneyland on his off day today. HK Disneyland is much smaller than the ones I've been to and oh God my gosh it's packed with Chinese families (with absolutely no manners) from the north. I was also immensely disappointed with that fact that HK's Space Mountain is hardly a thrilling ride - no 360 turn no sharp drops etc...

Otherwise it's quite a pleasurable experience. Classic Disney songs almost *choked* me to tears. Despite having multiple orgasmic goosepimples, I was making a conscious effort to control my tear ducts. I was surprised. Thought that I had turned cold blooded. Or perhaps I teared because I no longer believe in magic.
eeeeee.... who's the ugly guy behind you?

aiyo, should frame the photo properly, so that you block the guy behind u ma..hehe..

I used to listen only to disney's songs....many years ago. But i've grown up (or old)..:(
i am not the photographer mah. oh well...

we've all grown old
better check all your other pics taken... if that 'semi-hidden-guy' appears in all ur other pics.. then.. er... er... hehehehehe.. :o~
Must be cold there.
Did you have to pay a lot?
I didn't really enjoy the only Disney I've ever been to, that one in Japan. Everything was in japanese and was really confusing to me!

i didnt pay a single cent cos my friend brought me in for free. he works there so got free pass.
tee hee
guess they didn't have tne magic carpet ride there, eh? =P
no, but they have that in sydney =P
why do you have a third nipple showing?
its a dog chain that says cowie yubin
so cute... the castle has two 'fu' flanking its gates. :D
very cute hor!
that growth on your shoulder is developing nicely into its own person.
oh dear. the growth is not very cute isnt he? damn it!
is that zara?
so smart! do you know every piece of single clothing out there????
hmph! ask u go with me.... u dont want!

erm i dun remember you asking me to go leh. i only remember the rest of them dun wanna go and you have to accompany josephine wor!
So fun! But why you close to tears? Is it like those one time magical experience that brings out all those funny funny emotions from within?
dunno leh. cant explain it wor. maybe i wish i am a kid at heart lor, all those melodies ...
yubin!!! i thinkin of movin to melb to look for work. got any friends who has rooms available for an affordable price????
just to work? i am not too sure but i will help you check. how long are u gg to stay in melb for ?