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Not bad ah, my children are now on their way back to Singapore via Singapore Airlines SQ238. Should be arriving around SG time 1550 to become Singaporean citizens. Hope they will survive the trauma of their first aeroplane experience without their parents. Can't wait to see them. Miss them so much already.

Think I will bring them to the beach on Sunday.

Can't wait to see my mother's face also. Hope she won't murder her half-blood grandchildren.
where did mango get his hair cut! i want to go also.
actually he did not cut his hair since you last saw him. keke
go visit your siblings. they are at mervyn's place.
I wonder will bengy still remember me.....

Can they claim krisflyer mileage too?
*woof woof??*
che che! U BACK!!!!!!!???
the dogs are back. me not yet. 2 more days! saturday nite keke
welcome back!!! :D
Would be great to finally meet them in person. How time flies ...
will bring the doggies go ECP!!!
do they drink milo ping?

dun poison me dogs!
Cocker Spaniel!!
ooohh you like cock cockers too ??
I lurp everyone!

p/s - do they smoke too?
unfortunately no. they hate me smoking kekeke
yayness! your mom picking them up..
anyway i am the fairy god-mother.
you are the evil step sister!
i'll miss them.... *sniff
you'll be in singapore wor. keke but u'll be too busy clubbing!
(Deleted comment)
yes that is for sure lor girl! was thinking of going this sunday hahaha if we are not too tired or gone hahaha
oh. they are on the way back?? Great!!!! But do they need to be quarantined??
nope. dogs from aussie dun need no quarantine. luckY!
*wagging tail happily*

we should all go out kekeke
i need to go for obedience classes too.