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I find it quite funny though quite angry at the same time
I thought i have handled it quite well yet, subconsiously, it got worse
I thought things would be better, when SMS-kings like renton goes back
I think we have come to the technology where the fingers "talk" more than the mouth

I thought there will be an improvement

GSM M1-M1 SMS send = 971 = $48.55
GSM M1-other op = 1610 = $80.50
GSM M1-overseas = 20 = $ 3.00
GSM auto roaming sms send = 17 = $10.54 ( while i was in JB )
Total = 2618 =$142.59

This is so ridiculous, and the sms at JB costs $0.62/sms. Please do not sms in JB!
Just one month back on 23rd august the total sms was 2537
I swear I really controlled alot! I really do not know what happened! And i thought i should talk more on the phone, which accounts to another hundred bucks. Imagine spending more than 500 bucks on two months of phone bill...
I can really drink alot of lambos, buy LV, tiffany, 10 stitches, buying a hula girl on my car.....

Once bitten twice shy
yet some people just never learn
u can SMS in JB but use Maxis Network which is cheaper. My Celcom use to provide free SMS but I guess due to the popular trend of SMS they started charging users like me SGD$0.60/msg.
hi, thanks for the advice.. no wonder cos my networks were celcom or tmtouch.. no maxis... anyway 2cents per sms does not make much of a difference ... does it?
2 cents per msg sent out makes lots of difference for me manz... cos i sms a lot (which I dun even knw hoe e hell i manage to clock 1710 msges! when i am having lecture. Muz be msging every hr!) haha~ muz cut down soon. how i wish singtel wld give us 1000 msges free every month for students. ;-)
oh you are a student? where? do i know you ? i am a student too at ntu.
anyway i am not sure lar, before this current two months, my sms never go above 1000 except for one instance it shoot up to 1700+, which was like 2 yrs back, though i do exceed my sms every month
but 2600 is too much...
i think 2 cents dun make much of a difference, cos i hardly go to jb. I think they should have a plan for sms, like selling sms in a bundle or something like taht
Hello, First and Foremost... A thousand apologies for replying to your post so so so so late manz~ Reason being I got lots of mails coming in everyday so I have to sort them out... and these days wasn't feeling very good...

yeapz feeling better now i guess =) yes of course i am a student =P @ SP and nope u dunno me. I happen to chance across your journal when I was reading others. Pretty coincidental right? haha~ datz e darn problem in a digital world =)

Oh u re frm NTU? Which Fac? Do u stay in hall or? Well I do go to NTU sometimes to meet one of my best fren there as she is staying in Hall 4. Yeapz... SMSes? Haha I think I juz overshoot again @ 2500 SMSes... Siao~ Dunno whether is it I am at fault or the system over at Singtel SMS gateway. Hmmm... Next time I better keep track manz... hurhurhur... =P

Of course u hardly go JB mah... I am different... I got a house over there and I here in SG so I travel back and forth ya haha~ Used to it since Pri 1 though so itz all right.

Exams re round the corner manz... U better study hard too manz! Clear this hurdle and yippy you can play liao~ Luckily my last paper is on e 01/11/02 =P Gotta spend some time @ my website =)


Nwae your journal entries are very interesting ;-) keep it going!

Ernest Lee
Oh hi, was surprised to see your reply after so long cos thought i was not gonna be replied. anyway saw your name at quite a few of my frens' profiles.... interesting.
i used to stay in hall 7 but now i stay at home cos i drive and enjoy the luxury of aircon and freedom.

Anyway study hard and cheers.
See you someday
haha neh I am not that irresponsible when there are e-mails to be replied to =P datz e-mail etiquette. yeapz actually it was my fren who introduce me to LJ den i tot itz a very very interesting place haha~ it kept me busy during my IA (Industrial Attachment) period when practically I get to surf the net every single day =)

hall 7? oh okie... yeapz staying @ home is better den staying in hall... everytime I go to NTU haix~ like very sianz.. once go in; want to come out also very sianz... now I knw wad my fren means when she say pple who stay in hall rarely comes out of campus hur hur hur.... =P

yeapz~ so meantime take carez and good luck for ur coming semestral examinations!

Ernest Lee
haha what's a hula girl?
It's LILO!!
u're the most happening and best friend i'll ever have....... so how's it with cutie????
haha oh baby, this is not happening at all! ... this is total madness.... cutie ah ? hahaha nothing's gonna happen!
what's 10 stitches?
stitch is the toy i wanted to get ... so cute...
well, one costs abt $50, so ten of them, $500 ?? haha
oh as in stitch of lilo & stitch... for a moment I thought you were getting masochistic...
hey, you know me for so long already, dun ya know i AM masochistic?
ehhhh.... brudder.....