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I wake up every morning with a terrible hangover from drinking too much alcohol.
Every day I tell myself, in order to prevent such terrible hangovers, I should stop drinking too much at night.
And somehow I end up drinking too much at night. Only to realise someone has been secretly adding alcohol to my drinks.


piak the cow!
the cancer wants to steal my scorpio!
pinch pinch...
gatorade works wonders.
does it? hmmm that i will have to try.. keke thanks!
recently i was having this interesting discussion with a few dear friends: how do you know that you're bothering on being an alcoholic without turning into one?

i dun smoke, but i guess it's somewhat like smoking, no? from what i gather, smoking is some form of addiction, i.e. your body starts to crave for it.


bordering not bothering... aiyoh what's wrong wif ur england recently ah? :-D
actually i was too polite to point it out. didn't want to risk being cleared by him :P
cos i touch type and my brain's multitasking on two many things.

too many things... not two many things... ?

haha and i wanted to point out the bothering too.

pffft. :)
if only i have that problem!!
alcohol so cheap here. buy and stock up lar!
wah lan eh... want me to end up in AA right?!?!!? very good friend ah u!!
take care of the liver my dear. we ain't young anymore! :p