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Yeah!!! Hong Kong Disneyland here i come. Good and cheap street hawker food. Shopping. Cuties. Kelly Land....

The gypsy will be residing in HK from 17 Jan to late May. Come visit for free fortune telling hor.
for 5 months? hmm... we already plannin to visit u!
yes. just come before june hor. we go eat eat eat eat eat eat eat eat eat eat....
congrats :) more seafood :P yum yum
haha u promise to come ah? dun bluff me kekeke
i'll cum look for u every weekend until u r sick of me ho bo? hurhur
does anyone gets sick of the cute doodeedoo?

u will get sick of me first lor
aiya! we're gg there next july/august... oh well.
for shopping right? july's a good period i suppose. but come earlier lar. damn it!!!
And you'll be living in the same country as Kelly Chen!
wah...gong hei lei ah gong hei lei ah
are u coming to HK too ?
YIPPEEEE! finally
dun come during july/aug lar. come earlier leh!
Universiteit van Amsterdam would be sooo much better for you!
think of all the street smarts you be learning!
tsk tsk
i'd rather sell chicken rice!
u just need to be in an asian country lor.. hehehe...
congrats anyway..
too bad not sales period!
yes i just need asian guys hahahahaha
go disney land lar. dun need to just shop mah!
Time to grab all the Kelly Chen memorabilia :P
hmmm actually to think of it, i've got most of it already. hahaha
so fun!
congrats monkey on getting your exchange prog!
hee thank u thank u
hey, dat's my idea, dun snatch my chicken rice bowl!=P
u say we can open together mah!
Waaah... So exciting! Congrats! :D
r u coming to visit?
Congrats! I wanna go shopping!!!
come come .... we can shop togetherly!
boo hoo... desert me... sniff... :P
hee hee aiyah you are so happening u will find more new kakis to cheong with u one lar