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SHIT i realise something.
When you are drunk, you got balls to do everything
When you are not, you got NO balls at all ( sigh )

Yet when you are drunk, you do not even know what did you do at times!
Life's so weird.
I can't even remember what i just dreamt.. It's not very clear..
But i know it's damn weird.

The human brain is one fascinating invention by the Almighty!
Another way of looking at it...

"Sobriety is an illusion caused by the lack of alcohol..."

In which state will you be your true self?
I seriously dunno..
1) state of being totally unaware of yourself and become your "true" self by ... being drunk?
2) Your dreams where, like diane aka betty in mulholland drive, is where you are
3) Your current self, your conscious self, when you keep achieving to be someone you want to portray yourself as, or, someone who is not you at all.