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A group of twenty year olds playing zero point. Now my back is hurting like fuck. I am really old (and gay).
oh u mean YOUR generation still got play this kinda kampong games?
thought you all play computer games and take neo prints one hahaha
i played that only in lower primary. i would usually join my sister and her friends who would play before the bell rings. haha.

as i was looking through your comments, memorises filled me mind. really! i remembered how one of her friends, who was always my team captain, had to jump additional times to save me. haha. but well, i do help them in return too. since i was taller than the average girls, the '1-inch' stage i would hope the rubber band. since it was so high, generally no one could jump over. haha. =)

ok, i don't know if you do understand or not, since we belong to a different era.
yes i understand what u are saving. cos we played that yesterday. rules are surprising pretty similar.
same country mah haha