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A group of twenty year olds playing zero point. Now my back is hurting like fuck. I am really old (and gay).
So fun and check out the " STRIKE A POSE "

haha u mean the one in tank top???? =P
where are YOU!

nah that's the best i can capture from the video keke
who's the posing queen?? -_-

you mean this guy doing somersault??

wah... so fun. how come the cow the never play? =P
cow says he's from boys' school. he plays with balls not rubber bands.

he didnt even know it exists. he was just sitting down and filming all these actions. haha
aiyo remove the picture!
which one? cannot see your face lar! dun be so shy!
Aiyo, looks so fun!

Do you guys play Sunday Monday too?
erm. what is sunday monday????
the last time i played zero point was 1997, when i was in primary 3. haha.

hmm..or probably primary 1. i can't really remember.
oh u mean YOUR generation still got play this kinda kampong games?
thought you all play computer games and take neo prints one hahaha
whats zero point?
hey, got rainbow!
yeah!!! it was taken by my camera phone. i like the rainbow. signifies gay-ness hahahahaha
oh my god ! its KYAN! strike a pose indeed. I thought was a GIRL LOH. I could'nt decide of it was or not but damn, it does make his legs look damn sexy!
hello!! you mean you never thought kyan was sexy meh?
Wow.. so cool.... ahhaha just a point here when u say cow was from boys school... then ask him how did he manage to date a girl.... :) hehehehehhe
he was in JC when he dated a girl mah. zero point is a primary school game. u never play before meh?
hahaha so fun... never play one leg catch also ah? :P
eh what is one leg catch? come over sometime and show me lar. busy with work ah?
WAH LAU EH!!! i MISSSSSS zero point!!!! can still rem when i was playing in PRIMARY SCH...wah..... can play really damn well lei!!! wahhahahaha
YES!!! apparantly people with big butt can really twist and jump higher!!
hmmm, never played this before. i miss hide n seek and police n thief, and my lego sets. contrary to popular belief, i did not play with dolls when i was young :)
yes. contrary to popular belief, me and kyan were talking about you while playing zero point. saying maybe you will be very good at it. so yes. many many misconceptions! perhaps the influences from childhood days are not that important, like the rosebud syndrome or the aviator one haha