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Unlike carrie bradshaw who was robbed under broad daylight in the legendary streets of new york, I was robbed approximately 3 hours ago in the middle of a main road by two big caucasians claiming to be policemen. How could I have been so stupid? Let them check this check that, but I wasnt going to do anything anyway in case I get permanently scarred.
Well, actually I am scarred, emotionally. I was just 10 metres away from a 24hr MacDonald's intending to buy Big Mac for the bovine. So instead of 10 bucks, I am now 135 dollars poorer . Looking on the bright side, carrie was more unfortunate. Her manolos weren't spared. Luckily my k750i and ipod were deemed of no monetary value for those cash-desperate red-neck assholes.
Oh and did i mention that after taking my money they have to throw my wallet with my cards flying into the railway tracks shouting 'take it you rat!'. Have some decency and say thank u buggers.
To think that I was feeling tad upset that Singapore rejected Australia's plead for clemency. Because, I really dun believe in that tit-for-tat logic. At my current state, I really wish that people who live to make others suffer, should really just be (censored).
Thank God you are ok lor.......
thanks dear... i am feeling much better now...
as i said lucky u are safe and sound...your parking pontianak job will earn u back your 135 but imagine if they hurt u how? or rape you...
oh i forgot to tell you it was AFTER My pontianak job lor at 11pm lor. now i very scared. tonite have to work again. asking cowie to borrow car come and pick me up...
that's just shit man!!!!
yes going out at night in aussie will never be the same again....
Hope you are alright....
thanks...yeah i'll be fine.. feeling much better now after venting my frustrations ...
-Hugs- Like you said, it better to save the pretty face. Marnee can earn back!
honey i dun have pretty face leh. that's why moolah impt mah
Oh my god, lucky you are safe!!!

That's all that matters.
yes i suppose so.... my time robbed... in a foreign country some more. will be more careful in the future
shit bad stuff ... good thing you are not hurt
yes makes me miss sg more...
mama loves you!
thanks mama.... *hugs* monkey boy loves u 2
thank God you are fine.

darn those people!
yeah i suppose it could be worse eh?
as they say in chinese "po cai xiao zai"!! and wat kinda lame line is "take it you rat!"???
is there such a saying? u so potato think u got it wrong leh.. haha yeah.. and they are indeed very lame... around collingwood (peel) macdonald's area. must be careful next time if we go clubbing yeah?
OH my god , i always thought melbourne is safe, i dun know what to say .
accept the fact that i'm totally disgusted by their behaviour will come and visit tonight after my exams.
good luck for your exams!!!
Omg. So sorry to hear that :( Glad you weren't hurt!
thanks! i am fine... =) just pissed and upset and everything at the same time. but now feeling much better. time to enjoy the holidays!! =)
yoz... take care man!!!
yes... not the comme des garcons... but luckily those blokes dunno what the hell is a green ugly wallet. hahaha
they are not catche enuf!
aiyo sister! lucky u ok.. come to think of it its so scary! jas is coming to see u guys rite? will send my hugs thru her! take care ya! and curse those guys!
yeah.. shes coming tomorrow morning!!!.. thanks sister... everything is ok lar... muaks! cant wait to see you guys soon in sg haha