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The one on the far right, is obviously called a wisdom tooth, aka what I call a motherfucker.
Of all times, these very uncooperative fellas have to visit me when I am already so fucking busy with fucking essays and reports.
Does that mean that I will do exceptionally well this semester?
At first I thought the pain will slowly subside, but it came back this morning at 4am causing a pain that made me wanna strangle myself.
Luckily no one mentioned why turned up looking fucked face for my presentation just now.
Bloody hell, I am sure it will cost a bomb to extract it out down under. Bloody insurance doesn't cover dental fees.
On the bright side, I will probably have more sleeping pills, pain killers and a possible extension for all my essays.
aiyoh... just extract ALL the 'motherfuckers' at one shot.. so next time no more pain le...

take more painkillers in the meantime k... take care che che
thank u. panadol and ponstan are my best friends now
dun OD on those.. not good for liver lei.......