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The one on the far right, is obviously called a wisdom tooth, aka what I call a motherfucker.
Of all times, these very uncooperative fellas have to visit me when I am already so fucking busy with fucking essays and reports.
Does that mean that I will do exceptionally well this semester?
At first I thought the pain will slowly subside, but it came back this morning at 4am causing a pain that made me wanna strangle myself.
Luckily no one mentioned why turned up looking fucked face for my presentation just now.
Bloody hell, I am sure it will cost a bomb to extract it out down under. Bloody insurance doesn't cover dental fees.
On the bright side, I will probably have more sleeping pills, pain killers and a possible extension for all my essays.
Oh you poor thing.. :( Mine looked like that when I took them out last June at NDC in S'pore. Are you going back to SG in the summer? Just tahan a bit longer, then take the mofos out all at one shot under general anaesthesia when you go back..
yeah. heard it costs 500aud to take out one teeth... but i dunno whether i can tahan so long leh. it's really excruciating sigh