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The one on the far right, is obviously called a wisdom tooth, aka what I call a motherfucker.
Of all times, these very uncooperative fellas have to visit me when I am already so fucking busy with fucking essays and reports.
Does that mean that I will do exceptionally well this semester?
At first I thought the pain will slowly subside, but it came back this morning at 4am causing a pain that made me wanna strangle myself.
Luckily no one mentioned why turned up looking fucked face for my presentation just now.
Bloody hell, I am sure it will cost a bomb to extract it out down under. Bloody insurance doesn't cover dental fees.
On the bright side, I will probably have more sleeping pills, pain killers and a possible extension for all my essays.
It'll be alot better by day 2....u'll see. I look 4 out at the same time. Now THAT was painful =p
darling. i havent even extracted my teeth... =(
just got the X-ray, going to see what the dentist is going to say tomorrow...

just did mine... while still in ns...

hope urs dun give u a mofo time

yeah.... havent even book an appointment to extract the extra teeth out leh.. sigh

endure endure...
Oh you poor thing.. :( Mine looked like that when I took them out last June at NDC in S'pore. Are you going back to SG in the summer? Just tahan a bit longer, then take the mofos out all at one shot under general anaesthesia when you go back..
yeah. heard it costs 500aud to take out one teeth... but i dunno whether i can tahan so long leh. it's really excruciating sigh
so cute! and i can see chipped tooth!
tee hee when i go back to singapore my cousin dentist is going to give me a new one!
we have the same prob! i have removed one, and took me a while to recover. poor thing.
DADDY and SON having same prob last wk... hehehe but ur son is smater to extract it first... *YEAH* :)
aiyoh... just extract ALL the 'motherfuckers' at one shot.. so next time no more pain le...

take more painkillers in the meantime k... take care che che
thank u. panadol and ponstan are my best friends now
I've got five. Removed three, and two are left.
wa, no wonder so wise...
*pat, pat* gargle with vodka to numb the pain. swallowing optional.
i heard it from my friend. he's a bit crazy so i didnt really believe him.

looks like u'll be knocked out for a while after the extractions :) finally get that much needed rest!
eh problem is i dun even have an appointment to extract the bloody teeth lor. sigh
aiyo!!! the pain is excruciating lor..
better take it out.. if not cannot concentrate at all...
hugs hugs!!
yeah lor. waiting for specialist appointment. i am DYING....
Can save some sleeping pills for me? =PPP

Hmm.. pain-killers can mix with alcohol or something else? =PPP
panadol very good! take more than 10 can visit hospital!
it cost me $500 not including antibios and painkillers. I was not happy.

and here's a tip- don't be like me and yaya try not to take painkillers immediately after the op because it actually hurts the most 5-7hrs after the op. !#^#%^$&^%&^%

elevate your pillow to reduce swelling on the 1st 2 nights, and chuck on the ice packs!

i havent extract yet.... sounds like i beta go back singapore to extract? dunno whether i can tahan or not leh
Happy B'day! :)
SHIT i just realized that i forgot to wish you ... HAPPY BIRTHDAY BEN BEN !!!!