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came across this picture dunno taken by who taken by scummy...
haven't been dead drunk for a very looooonnnng time
oh... and did I mention the white honda (aka Susan) seen in this pic is gone?
the Real Susan's traded it for a silver Nissan Sunny!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
HAHAHA okay okay... after my assignments okie?
i can party and go out with you after the 9th june!
WHAT?!?!? that's 8 months away!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
paiseh. 9th nov. kekekeke
siao ding dong... study too hard liao.
hee i want to party this weekend soooooooo much sobz
haha why this particular weekend?
dun tell you =P
well honey.. yr bday is next week... so abit early rite? :P