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came across this picture dunno taken by who taken by scummy...
haven't been dead drunk for a very looooonnnng time
oh... and did I mention the white honda (aka Susan) seen in this pic is gone?
the Real Susan's traded it for a silver Nissan Sunny!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Aiyah... Then we won't get to see them!!! *sniffs* :P
i got a video clip!
Post post post! Yousendit.com! Heh.
the one that cow posted on his lj ages ago me biting peepur in a hotel room???
amongst other antics and activities yes.
it's copyrighted. cannot distribute without owner's/actor's permission!
you wouldnt wanna see them

trust me, they are SCARY!!!!
It's okay lah, I don't scare easy. :P
it's embarrassing and it happened eons ago hahahaha
Be the first to do a retro video post instead of a retro photo one :P
somethings are TOO revealing... expose me too much later i dare not go back to singapore...

*thinks Annabelle Chong* :PP


Tee hee hee. Joking joking lah *nudge nudge*