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came across this picture dunno taken by who taken by scummy...
haven't been dead drunk for a very looooonnnng time
oh... and did I mention the white honda (aka Susan) seen in this pic is gone?
the Real Susan's traded it for a silver Nissan Sunny!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
hmmmm was this so long ago i dun even know who i was attached with leh... haha
oh my... just remember, dont ever do this again. unless i'm around to take a picture of it. :P
aiyah please lar. but you have such low resistance for drama (people), before anything happens you would have either ran away or the person will be slapped by you hahahha
huh? but i'm resistant to drama. i am. i think. haha.
yeah you've changed mah. last time you are SO NOT lor. you see drama you will get angry and walk away haha
at least it beats slapping the person. :P