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came across this picture dunno taken by who taken by scummy...
haven't been dead drunk for a very looooonnnng time
oh... and did I mention the white honda (aka Susan) seen in this pic is gone?
the Real Susan's traded it for a silver Nissan Sunny!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Sweetie, I have many more of this type of photos :)
are you the one who took the photo????? more is like how many? hahahahaha
a photo worth keeping for sure!!!!
yes to remind me that i will never disgrace myself in public again...

hmmm not that it's a very good lesson. haha
WAH!!!! you're on LJ AH!!!!
for a moment there i thought *ahem* pushed you out of the car. :P
hmmmm was this so long ago i dun even know who i was attached with leh... haha
that was u!
yes. too bad you aint lying beside me =(

yay! wallpaper for the week!
So... drama! Hahah. :P
this picture aint nothing. there were more drama things that happened (and werent captured)
this is just funny hahaha
everybody say glam!
you want to take glam pics? i can help you to relax and get into some glam poses!
Heheheh it would be nice to see a handstand pic or push-ups positions pics... :)
so no more 623??? :(
yeah lor. no more 623 no more push ups.....

only podium now mah hahahahaha
hehehe unfortunately the reverberating sounds of your powerful come-what-may rendition has been lost forever in the rickety roofs of maxwell market...
no more falsetto =(
wah my childhood lover is so naughty ah
ever since you broke my heart i cannot forgive myself....
omg!! this is so Edina!!! Bravo!!!!
what is Edina?
Ahh~~~ memories~~~

Those were the days wor my MiMi =)
hahaha yeah lor u and me. lambo and waterfall.