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Supermarket shopping list for overseas (unhealthy) students preparing to camp at home for endless essays...

lotsa chocolates, caffeine and artifical sweeteners...
I see the most nutritious and balanced thing there is the dog food.

Dare I say it?


Oh no he didn't.
the most nutritious is probably the breast meat of the man who is scanning our groceries, sautéed lightly in the sunflower oil that's partially hidden behind the 2 litre bottle of home brand lemon bleach...
well it's the most expensive dog food in the supermarket ok? for my princess bengy to eat...

then we eat all the nonsense cheap stuff... sigh... poor parents...
"For the love of [your] children"...haha
i love [my] friends too... do you want nutritious food? i can send you some of bengy's food too!
chop up the cow and gimme some beef!
omg that was how camp! *slaps head*

Got that from watching 4 seasons' worth of Scrubs...