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Supermarket shopping list for overseas (unhealthy) students preparing to camp at home for endless essays...

lotsa chocolates, caffeine and artifical sweeteners...
Tell me that's not for you??!!
some of them are mine, most of them are cow's... hahahahahaha
but the soya milk is fat free!
but not carbo free...
I see the most nutritious and balanced thing there is the dog food.

Dare I say it?


Oh no he didn't.
the most nutritious is probably the breast meat of the man who is scanning our groceries, sautéed lightly in the sunflower oil that's partially hidden behind the 2 litre bottle of home brand lemon bleach...
Does the dog food cost more than everything else combined? Muahahaha. :P
total bill came up to about 80+ .. dog food is only 16 bucks.. hahahaha
WTF does one need all that soda for???!! Might as well buy them by the barrell! or that canister thing they come in....
its the heaviest thing when we go grocery shopping... and we kapoh'd a car today...
You'll die from the sugar high!
it's artificial sugar honey... maybe cancer. but at least not fats!
where's the diet tonic water? :P
NO GIN!!!!!!!!
pepsi! so many!!
you want some too? china got pepsi?
why no tim tams?!?!?!
haha unfortunately i am not a tim tams fan... and er.... they dun have diet tim tams mah!

study also cannot gain weight!
all i bought from safeway was the roast chicken with stuffed potatoes :P
haha did you like it? =P