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Taken on the 8th June 2005; man9o 4kg; bengy 11kg.

Taken on the 9th Oct 2005; man9o 14kg; bengy 11kg.
hmmm they say after 6mths, i.e 7mths onwards can cut down food intake... i read from website one...

keke so yeah, should feed him less now lor. everyone's saying man9o's fat and ugly =(
man9o not ugly!! cute lah! uncle tony sayang... *pat, pat*...
hee hee uncle tony is so sweet when i go singapore you must bring happy come play with me... =)
sure.. sure.. happy want to play with man9o and bengy also.. :D
oh dear.. happy is male/female?
female.... yet to play a doggie's dick.. :D