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Taken on the 8th June 2005; man9o 4kg; bengy 11kg.

Taken on the 9th Oct 2005; man9o 14kg; bengy 11kg.
i know your's a small dog, but man9o has grown 10kg in less than 4 months...

the worse things is both bengy and man9o belong to the same breed. bengy was much smaller at man9o's current age lor.
true.... and considering now man90's weight already exceeds bengy!

any Expression for doggies?? :D

if you go look at the pet stores, they do have diet food for dogs...

but unfortunately they do not have diet food for puppies.... sigh i dun want man9o to grow up to be a big fat ah pui who cannot run
can change diet? or cut down food intake? more exercise?

i've been spoiling mine with treats.. so nowadays start to cut down.. :)
hmmm they say after 6mths, i.e 7mths onwards can cut down food intake... i read from website one...

keke so yeah, should feed him less now lor. everyone's saying man9o's fat and ugly =(
man9o not ugly!! cute lah! uncle tony sayang... *pat, pat*...
hee hee uncle tony is so sweet when i go singapore you must bring happy come play with me... =)
sure.. sure.. happy want to play with man9o and bengy also.. :D
oh dear.. happy is male/female?
female.... yet to play a doggie's dick.. :D