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Taken on the 8th June 2005; man9o 4kg; bengy 11kg.

Taken on the 9th Oct 2005; man9o 14kg; bengy 11kg.
oh my! i think bengy is still the prettier one...heh
Rudez! Me pedigree! Me Prettier! When I come back in a few months' time you will see how pretty i am for yourself!
pedigree smedigree.....i say Bengy is prettier..u need to lose some weight and maybe colour your hair...
no wonder many peepur say that you is one hella rude bitch who dun give face to peepur.

when i cum back sure bite your backside hard hard
but u are just a dog leh....i mean give u face for what...
*which also means i treat those people that i dont give face to like dogs too...hmmm*
you treat peepur how nice i dun care.
you must give me face cos i am cuter than u. and i only compare myself with doggies...