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Taken on the 8th June 2005; man9o 4kg; bengy 11kg.

Taken on the 9th Oct 2005; man9o 14kg; bengy 11kg.
mango is ballooning!!!!! better dun give 'em too many of those snackie bits!!
Actually to tell you the truth, i hardly give him many snacks. He is just big lor. nothing i can do leh...

maybe must bring him go jogging with me haha
yeah loh like jasmine loh
she is just big boned la. stop her from snacking she still look like that.
it's a wonder she still loves you so much, with all that bitching behind her... tsk tsk

haiyah its all part of the loving....
can u bitch me more?
i do what just that u dont hear it only.