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Taken on the 8th June 2005; man9o 4kg; bengy 11kg.

Taken on the 9th Oct 2005; man9o 14kg; bengy 11kg.

that's quick growth...
Exactly! He is growing so fast, eating so much it's scary. And he's only 6.5 months old. Cant imagine how big will he be when he is fully grown in another 5 months time...
mango is ballooning!!!!! better dun give 'em too many of those snackie bits!!
Actually to tell you the truth, i hardly give him many snacks. He is just big lor. nothing i can do leh...

maybe must bring him go jogging with me haha
how cum mango put on so much weight?!?!
Wei! Very rude! I am big NOT FAT!!!!!

* slaps doodeedoo with a big fat dick *
oh my! i think bengy is still the prettier one...heh
Rudez! Me pedigree! Me Prettier! When I come back in a few months' time you will see how pretty i am for yourself!
what's bengy's secret for maintaining his weight so well?
that's because i hate dog food and i only love human food.

and daddy feeds me dog food everyday so i only eat when i am too hungry.

why dun you try dog food? i is sure you will lose much weight!
hmm.. maybe still puppies.. tat's why grow fast lor... ;D

My Happy also the same... she's also more than 6 months old now, but when i got her in aug: 3.6g
then in Sep: 4.4kg,

But now in Oct.. 6.8kg!
i know your's a small dog, but man9o has grown 10kg in less than 4 months...

the worse things is both bengy and man9o belong to the same breed. bengy was much smaller at man9o's current age lor.
I hate you! so adorable!
you also got many many doggies all over aussie leh

but they are going back in a few months' time!! then you can come and visit, bring them go party!
I wonder what kind of milk Mango's on....

i am sure Mango will grow even bigger with Your milk! =P
(Deleted comment)
eh dunno yet leh... he's only 6+ months.. but his coat is not silky like bengy's..

he's more fluffy....
wwwwaaahhhh!! its amazing!!!! mango has realli 长大了....i tink it ok to gain some weight as long as hes healthy rite.. benji shd try to eat more lah..
WAH!!! hahaha didnt know you got read LJ one.. thought you have died on LJ already hahaha...

yeah lor he's really such a big boy now... growing so fast...
super cute i cant wait to see them in person :)
fly melbourne first dun talk so much. you dun fly to melb i dun fly back to sg. i go str8 to hk!
very cute...

have u been injecting hormone?

er hem who is this.. i'd rather inject the hormone (i.e. steroids) into my body so i dun have to gym so hard
whoa... reach puberty issit.. how come the sudden spurt of growth!
both pretty lei.. when come back ah..bring them out i sayang them! heeee....
hee hee yeah lor. want to see my dogs dun want to see me lor

i am nt even as attractive as them lor. bwweettch you stupid grouchy chihuahua!
haha. bengy is still better looking lah. ;)
yes actually i adore bengy more. more guai anyway...
OMG so cutttteeeeee!!!!!
when u start flying professionally ah? hopefully they put you on melbourne flight! then you can come and sleep with your siblings!