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Anyone from there? Found 2 friends from there... with some old pics
Damn funny. Go see kutabare latest journal...
so cute so cute!!
Yah you know what... marveric was from my kindergarten... but we went to different sessions. still, quite funny right. do you know yiling from commerce in tpjc
she was my kindergarten classmate! and she still remembers my name after all those years.
haha really ? it's really very funny that sometimes you know some one for quite some time, then you realise that you have known him or her for even a longer time then you thought! this is called FATE... or is not?
i thought it's called COINCIDENCE? is it not?
i believe there is a reason for everything... dun ya think?
You know something? I study at kembangan cc in the morning and in the afternoon, i got to bethesda katong at frankel ave. there.. but i went for the afternoon sessions and yeah, i remember my blue uniform for bethesda.... haha
hahahah maybe marveric was in your class too
better take out your class pic and see
how come you went to 2 kindergartens? at such a young age you had to study so much already ah...
My mother was super busy and super kiasu.... sigh... my childhood days were just spent like that...
that's it? no afternoon naps?
hahha all i remember was watching carebears and button moon, and smurfs...
but seriously i can't even remember much, i still remember there's a grad ceremony or something like that in bethesda and we had this play on butterflies and bees.... haha other than that i can't remember much, sigh...
haaaaaaaaaaa i remember the butterflies and the bees. my first year there i was a flower, the guys were brownies, and my second year i dunno what it was about but i had to dance with a guy. so what were you?
yeah yeah think that's the one... maybe i have really seen you b4! haha i wasnt the main characters.. was the rest of the casts... ya noe wear stripe blue t shirts and shorts with heavy makeup.. still got one of the photo.. look so horrible!!
aaah i know i know! i think i may have one of the pics, cuz my aunt took pictures of every item. wahaha... ok i will check it when i have time and we can compare pictures!
Yeah you must see already let me know.. i still look pretty much the same when i was young
bethesda katong??!!! i used to be in orange!!!!
HAHAHAHAHA this is damn funny lor, i think i am having more and more kindergarden frens hahaha i am from the BLUE one! hahaha maybe we knew each other before
wah lao eh, they must have really poisoned the water supply or something in that kindergarten hahahahaha... no lah just kidding you guys turned out fine :-)
haha of course.. dun tok abt me lar.. see piggy wiggy, turned out to be such a smarty ...