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Looking at old photos just brings back so many fond memories...

I was so bored just now that I virtually scanned through my iphoto library. Everytime I snorted, giggled or grinned, i realised that my temporary reactions from looking at those immortalised captures were in fact fabricated by my pyscho-infatuation with nostalgia. Whatever does that mean doesn't really matter, I am just astounded and angry with myself for allowing the re-imagination of what had actually happened. I smiled in many of the photos, but none of those smiles narrate the often complicated and unnecessary drama at the crime scene.

No wonder I am always obligated to smile when taking a picture. It is perhaps to create 'the moment' of happiness and to gain power of how I want to shape my history. Not good yubin, not good. These imaginary photos unfortunately makes living (in the present) more unbearable. If these pictures are, for example, unhappy photos, I will not be sitting down right now day dreaming of a life out there.

I should always remember (and remind myself) the drama I am very capable of.

Like this post. So drama. Can't help it.
drama is for tv! :P
but i know la, we just cant help it. :)

drama is for tv. tv is based on life. life is drama. let's not fight it.
i know. tv is based on life. life is drama. that's my dad fave line.
my dad is also very drama ma ma kind. so i also end up being a drama ma ma too. :)

feeling... haha...
(Deleted comment)
You think so? your nirvana-alike thinking is unfortunately most difficult for me.

As much as I want to drop this yu-bin, I am afraid to lose who i am too. It is a contradiction.
(Deleted comment)
what is say is right.. but life being monotonous.. isnt that boring ? doesnt that make life not worth living?
(Deleted comment)
I understand totally what you are getting at... but unfortunately, theory is not easy to put into practice.
not everyone has such strong will power like you, ya noe?

furthermore, People like me subconsciously allow such practices to dominate our thoughts. it's really not easy to change one's mindsets. maybe i should go for daily medidation classes with you when i come back hurhur
(Deleted comment)
good. take you word then. so long never see you. need to catch up =)
When we go back sg and drama together? =)
Hey... when are you EVER on MSN? wah totally lost you lor.... can update me what's happening over your side?
That's becos am staying at frens' place in UK. Think will have moved between
4 fren's places by the end of the month. Can't really rent a proper place
till I get a job, so waiting for replies for inteviews. Sigh...

Am not on MSN cos am using other ppl's pc mah. How can we webcamsex like dat!?


Your side leh?
still havent got a job? me? nothing much. trivial school life, nothing worth updating lar actually...

hmmm take care lar, hope to talk to you soon muaks. miss ya!
Nope, waiting for calls to interviews lor. Sigh.
Miss you too wor wor =(
just saw your pictures on jasmine's lj. wah yue lao yue mei li hor! hahahahaha

sigh i miss partying with u. always puts me at ease. no pretentious shit.
Really ah? Mei you lah~ Is just the usual me lor~

Sigh... miss my MiMi so much... miss our parties,
miss our dinners, drinks, chats, laughs, cries,
aiyah, miss everything ah... sobs sobs sobs...

Besides, I aLways pretend to be old and slutty
when I'm not wor. =P
feeling le jie jie...
you are, if not more feeling, as feeling as i am lor. =P