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in search of the times we used to share
singapore. new york. melbourne.
Call me unobservant but I only just</> realised that cow icon of your's moves. Or at least says something in japanese.

And gawd, it took me forever to be looking at it at the right time to see what it was saying.

it's meant to be subtle :-D
I'm guessing that's what those two japanese characters mean.

Still... it always just tips you at the corner of your eye. I think it could be potentially evil. *nods happily*
i said subtle not subliminal... :-P
Sure you SAID subtle, but your icon is TOTALLY subliminal.

And thanks to you I'm sleepy. Not a cow yet, but yes, sleepy. *cries*

I don't wanna sleeppp...
you may moo now...


Btw I think we're TOTALLY ruining the sentiments of the original post.

Oh well... if you gotta be a cow, you gotta be a cow.