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Supposed to wake up at 7am woke up at 9 instead... haha decided to skip lecture that is. Went to school for stupid lessons then the most funny thing happened. While i was at lunch wanting to do my homework, i just realised i do not have any lessons in the afternoon which i thought i will have. Laughing out to my self aloud when no one knows what it is all about.
Went for a swim instead... very impromtu, that's why i've got
Bright Sun
Strong Winds
Fantastic for a swim!
you got away this time... but you won't be so lucky the next time... bwahahaha...

warmest regards,
the weather gods
i dun think so! the sun follow me wherever i goes!
lo behold the lowly mortal who incurs the wrath of the weather gods, for he shalt be cursed with cloudy days and torrential rain whenever he swims...

hugs and kisses,
the weather gods
haha really who is this? do i know you ? haha
today the sun is still shining !