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St. Kilda, Scottish Hebrides: Known as the islands at the edge of the world

She journeyed to a mythic paradise in search of hope and love.
Only did she later that she had always been blind to the love that surrounds her.

If only people will learn to be content and not take things for granted.
wah!! very nice le... wish i can go there one day!
hen mei li hor? yes must go there one day lor...
it's the differences that bring out the contrast.

if only people will learn to be content and not order a ipod nano la la la.

Hahahahaha you tell him that lor...
it's because his ipod is spoilt mah... haha
him? who?
wasn't referring to anyone?


how much?
in sing dollar?


i am bad at conversion.

(Deleted comment)
darling.. it's the st.kilda is Scottland.......