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Coming up with new mandarin album!!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

madonna's album coming out in NOV!!!!!!!!!! SCREEEEEEEEEEEEAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
mine come out first lalalalalala
clubbing tomorrow?
mine will be bigger and better!! LALALALALALALA!!!
That is subjective darling. KC's bigger and better TO me. and that is all that matters! boo!
Current mood: dread
but you love kitty too!
I was wondering yubin's HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA was one of happiness or sadism!
Both actually!!
KELLY POON!!! hehehe!!!
who is kelly poon?? hahaha i didnt know you got lj leh girl!
now u know lor! add me as fren lah!
kelly poon the runner up for project superstar sg!
eh? she sang kelly chen ah? hahaha i never watch how i noe? i add you liao lar!
no lah.. she didnt sing her songs.. she sang coco lee songs!! but i find her better than coco le!
kelly PORN!!! EEEKS!!!
You getting it from Chinatown??? CDs are so overpriced in Australia... :p
yeah i noe... that's why i am ordering online from yesasia.com
hahaha but is it here yet? is it?

more reprieve... phew...