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Never thought that I was patriotic in any sense, but when some stupid-think-she-know-all-chinese-girl-who-speaks-in-a-CMI-slang commented she would not want to live in a place like Singapore where the government controls how its people think, I got unexpectedly angry. Perhaps I am just biased against everything she says 'cos she once told the whole class she used to work as a model when she looks like a whore.
How does the gahmen control my thinking?

Take her to a mystic and snip off those invisible wires attached to her brains
(Deleted comment)
hahaha you are so amusing *sayang*
(ps: anyway thats her opinion la, guess she is entitled to it?)
actually not that i dun agree lar, it's just that i dun like people insulting my country. haha especially when one is overseas ya noe? it's a form of erm imagined identity hahaha
then.... mentally decapitate'em (do wot i do!) Muahhahahah
u go babe!
hahaha... is she from shanghai, i wonder?
hmmm actually i didnt ask. i think she's from malaysia actually ahah
yes yes! i know what you mean! its happens here too!
you go girl!!
what is CMI?
C=Cannot M=Make I=It
lol... okay... yoorrr can't understand you singaporeans -_-
you live with one!