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... you'd rather be a dog
So many ideas in my head, yet I can't write a single word for my assignments...

fortunately they ain't have no f-ing idea what humans are going thru'
a line, a word written in type perchance might help you with your flow? can one la!!! come on! lets get writing!
wah! you are how positive can!!! hahaha i will try again today keke
haiya, not positive but jaded...heh..no matter how also must move on, walk on or do school work ay? *~tehehehe~*
we kicked off the evening wif one oredi :D
hee i hate cosmos vodka orange and wine.

and i fell asleep.......

::slaps myself::
haha... i forgot... gin&tonic, right? :D
you never know ga.
get a dog!!!

:: buay tahan ::
hee hee

cockers are just so cute rite? i want to be one too!
Aiyo ! me too ! those eyes i tell you and the floppy ears....

:: can die! ::
Hahahah i am sure LCG know how is both world going on ... :)

do you noe LCG also got a puppy? heehee
ehhehe yes .... white colour dog.... he is like so so inlove with it lor... :)
u should go bring busty and lcg's dog out to play lar!
shld be FREEISH next week. are you guys home???? I come visit lah.
we are always home honey at nite
so yeah just come lor!