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After starving myself for the past few days, I over ate today.

Had 100grams of delicious and very fatty gourmet bah kwah
... Fish ball mee gia with black sauce with a plate a chilli sotong
... Old chang kee curry puff and some sotong heads
... Bread Talk's pork floss bun X 2
... Cassia Gourmet Hokkien Mee + Kangkong belachan
... Parkway's mooncake and a ham and cheese bun
... Sotong nuggets and taiwan salty chilly deep fried chicken

I think i am going to puke,
alamak..bulimic :P
wah. remind me of puke!
Wah.... reminds of the time ..... oh wait..... need to go to the bathroom.....

reading your post makes be horribly hungry
u r so not nice... u hv been back and i hv been smsing... and there is still no news.

bo jio!
You're making me hungry! Haven't eaten any of that in AGES! And why is Cowie biting you?