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Called the carpet cleaner, Mr Wang, to come in and steam the carpets today. Poor guy came in alone and had to take the lift several times.
As I chatted with the hongkie, with my very lousy cantonese, asking him if he needed extra help (jokingly), he immediately asked if I am proficient in basic house cleaning.

So he's going to pick me up at 1pm tomorrow, to this chic ang moh's place to wipe the cupboards. Well, at least I am going to be paid $12/hr cash in hand.

Feeling very carpark attendant maid in Melbourne.
very shiok leh, the jobs all paid so well!!!

I tink i should just go and work over there.
yeah it's really not bad for a cleaning job lor.. hahaha

and yes. come come.. you can come and stay at my apt again if you dun mind the two dogs sharing the living room too hahaha
dun tempt me leh, but you guys are too hospitable liao, till i so paiseh.

please lor, your dogs are more privileged. They share the bed with you!!