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Called the carpet cleaner, Mr Wang, to come in and steam the carpets today. Poor guy came in alone and had to take the lift several times.
As I chatted with the hongkie, with my very lousy cantonese, asking him if he needed extra help (jokingly), he immediately asked if I am proficient in basic house cleaning.

So he's going to pick me up at 1pm tomorrow, to this chic ang moh's place to wipe the cupboards. Well, at least I am going to be paid $12/hr cash in hand.

Feeling very carpark attendant maid in Melbourne.
omg! thats damn good lor!
wipe those cupboards slowly hor! ;)
haha actually he says I am supposed to finish one job within 3 hours so cannot slowly take my own sweet time keke
$36 for cleaning cupboards is not too bad as well!