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Called the carpet cleaner, Mr Wang, to come in and steam the carpets today. Poor guy came in alone and had to take the lift several times.
As I chatted with the hongkie, with my very lousy cantonese, asking him if he needed extra help (jokingly), he immediately asked if I am proficient in basic house cleaning.

So he's going to pick me up at 1pm tomorrow, to this chic ang moh's place to wipe the cupboards. Well, at least I am going to be paid $12/hr cash in hand.

Feeling very carpark attendant maid in Melbourne.
omg! thats damn good lor!
wipe those cupboards slowly hor! ;)
haha actually he says I am supposed to finish one job within 3 hours so cannot slowly take my own sweet time keke
$36 for cleaning cupboards is not too bad as well!
(Deleted comment)
haha yes yes .. you can help me clean up my place when you come =P
very shiok leh, the jobs all paid so well!!!

I tink i should just go and work over there.
yeah it's really not bad for a cleaning job lor.. hahaha

and yes. come come.. you can come and stay at my apt again if you dun mind the two dogs sharing the living room too hahaha
dun tempt me leh, but you guys are too hospitable liao, till i so paiseh.

please lor, your dogs are more privileged. They share the bed with you!!
Fwah, 12/hour ah~ Use a toothbrush!
yeah lor. come here and work instead leh!
You finish next november right? Isn't it difficult to get work permit
Wow, that's a lot of $$$!

Don't take too long la but make sure u do an awesome job so u can work for her again!
haha it's a he honey. yes i will work fast and hard =)
good pay lei mei!! also can brush up your cantonese before you come over here.
yeah lor! i am trying to talk to more hongkies, think my canto improving slightly already keke
good good. lei dou hiong gong lei, yat deng mou mun tai ga.
millionaire in the making!!!
at AU$12 an hour? you mean in rupiah?
extra SHOPPING!!!
heh no lar... cannot. must save money come back singapore tee hee

dun ya think shopping in aussie is TOO god damn ex?
dunno yb, we've got harbor-town in perth...kinda of a factory outlet 'Giant' style. reckon melly has its diesel warehouses too?
erm i have been to few, but they are still quite ex. maybe i am a cheapo. hur hur
no la, different sense of value :P
come home some time, will buy you kopi & the dogs a couple of chews(if i am working by'en).
need the B&W french maid outfit? :P