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I am very upset. My favourite pair of jeans just came out from the washer, with a big hole near the backside, a part of my body I wouldn't wanna expose.

Maybe you could start wearing a pair of underwear when you wearing this pair of jeans?
erm ... i am not like you .. i always wear undies unless when i am sleeping =P
YA can try patching it up with other denim stuff
and the other holes too,
but thats' provided you don't mind that kinda look la

and if ya really like that jeans to not let it go that is.
prolly i will take it to a professional tailor lor... see what they can do ... hee ( btw i dunno how to sew or patch )
oh no, is that the stylo pair where your green wallet shows?
yes honey, i am devastated!
thats for your tail to stick out of...
so your clothes have a big hole in front for the udders to show?? =)
wear sexy boxers underneath. u're in australia, u can carry it off! no 'i love mommy' boxers pls.
i dun have sexy boxers leh!
draw one with the monkey face lor!
put your picture sexier ;P
don't lie! you had hot rough sex! ;)
where got! you webcammed with kawei mah!
if it's with him i will rip his pants off not the other way
May it rest in peace.......

bengy got new toy to play with!
hee hee it's now under repair. my friend trying to patch back for me keke
you could always get used to the new erm hole!! hahahah!!
!! *piak*
hahahahha. oh no. hey those jeans fit you really well.

I hate washing machines with teeth.
i wonder if it's this pair of levis low quality jeans... quite unlikely hor? spent a bomb on it.. anyway gerri's trying to fix it hehe
just continue wearing? sexy mah
WAH!!!! someone is on LJ!?!?!?! my god!!! miracle! hahaha