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He sat on my chair, took up most of my chair space and ate my McNuggets.

Is it the picture or is Bengy bigger liao?
Yes! he's grown bigger... just nice lar... hee not as fragile and nicer to cuddle! =)
wow... bengy want to be boss liao!! LOL
yes.. spoilt and demanding!!

and i miss bengy too :-P
gigipoo and bengy different??
ya gigipoo is me :P
u is chikapoo!
bengy looks so much bigger!
u say wanna come over and visit also never! bruff!
Show them who's boss gurl!

woof woof!
i like being dominated *purrrrrr*
there's always a new bitch to take over the place of the old one.
tell Bengy don't get too comfy, Cowie is still coming back. ;)
huggies mama.... u r the nicest =)