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Today's a shitty day

1) Exited the wrong highway
2) man9o shitted in his crate
3) Locked myself out from the house when I was chasing bengy
4) Waited for getridofme to save me outside the building, hair in a royal mess and accompanied by a shitty smelly man9o
5) Came back and found bengy's shit and pee in the balcony
6) And hurray! bengy stepped on shit too
7) Washed the whole bloody apartment full of shit
8) Washed the dogs full of shit

The shit smell is now in my nose. All because my lucky cow's not in town.
Oh! and now the msn's not working! Fantastic!
so mean! haha

actually you underestimate the strength of the cow's supporters leh.
she's very well liked. =)
hur hur... cos if we make her mad, she will huff and puff and blow the house down? =p
i tot that was the big bad wolf?
mad cow.
OMG, is the mad cow disease still spreading?