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Dunno what the heck is happening at the "ibiza-like" party KM8.
All I know is many of my little bootie poos are going.

Enjoy yourselves le jie-jies!
I am having more fun creating "Queer Nation" in my little neighbourhood in the Sims2.
It's more happening, come play with kiki.
I heard you paired me with a sheep in The Sims?!
hah! i also want to know.
cow's idea!!
er yeah i did, but it's not me who suggested it.

it's cow who says, "let's pair justin up with the sheep lar."

So hee hee yeah lor =P
Made me sound like some red neck.
what red neck? american red neck?
the kind that does unmentionables to barnyard animals? :p
any parties without u is not fun...
did you go ? how was it? hee
did you create many many clubs in your nation? can visit every night wor :P

ps: i've been listening to alanis' album much of last week.
great for venting. especially 'you oughta know'.
hee hee i am trying to create centro but it's quite difficult hahahaha

ps: i love that song too!!! (when you F*** her)
Am I in your Queer Nation? Wanna be the BIggEsT Tree wor. =P
oh yes of cos !! u work in a brothel!!!
Oh, I must be the beautiful poor one who's had a hard life
constantly being bullied by the monkeylike mamasan.

Oh poor me~!