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Left: Mango, man9o, 18/03/2005, Orange Roan English Cocker Spaniel, Grouchy, Two balls

Right: Bengy, bengy, 26/12/2003, Tan English Cocker Spaniel, Jealous, Eunuch

darling u need to "auto-levels" in photoshop first...
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
grandma forest, circa 1993, blind in both eyes, no balls

love her to bits
love you to bits
mango's grouchy? i love him already!
yes. got a bit of your genes...
when i go over must take family portrait
yes that's a must! kekekeke

you must hold the little man9o
where's my little jaer poo! Where!?!?
Tryin to earn marnee many many with ma KarCheng
so can go see you next year lor. Poor me~
u always not online leh ... wat u doing??

have you found a job in UK ?
Not yet wor. Still in Newcastle so hard to look for job in London.
Me working at the restaurant mah now most of the time.

The teddy's getting rimmed...
TSK!!! always thinking abt sex you horny boy!
nothing else to think abt mah...haiz
rowf rowf
Where's the neurotic Spaniel?

*la la*

arghhhhhhh SO CUTE. ARHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!
yes honey.... am usually at home... come over spring street for a visit leh!
Arrgh - so nice!

*hunts around for old Pound Puppy soft toy to hug instead*
hahaha so act cute! =P
wah i have a new niece?!