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A much dreaded assignment could actually fascinate me to say the least.

After securing an interview with Lee Matthews and Tony Wood (thanks to noosnomis), one of the first few gay parents who flew over to the States for IVF treatment almost 3 years ago, I went down yesterday to their quaint (undercover) little house that opens up to a swimming pool, designer furniture and a bouncing, screaming 2 and a half year son. I was dumbfounded I forgot what to ask. It didnt help that I drank tad little bit of red wine.

They didn't disclose whose sperm nor how much (but estimated US$75,000 per child), but their determination for a child should be admired. Imagine how a two month old puppy can kill me not to say one screaming little boy that throws pizza around the house. And guess what, another dotter's coming in 2 months time.

"I feel fulfilled, enchanted and enriched... We are all mortal and we all have to confront our mortality. In having a child, it's like having that light passing on, that you have your child to, when we are gone, he brings with him what we've taught in our lives."

Idealistic, selfless or selfish?

This debate will never end.

"push cat cat push!!"

still... no kids thank you very much...
so loving
(Deleted comment)
there's something called pampers haha they wun walk around peeing at 2 months so that shouldnt be a problem...
*sighs* so sweet. (but I still hate kids)
same here. i still hate babies. god.
so cute... a baby.... well, i'd juz make do with a cat 1st. :P
u dun like doggies?
luv em... but cant keep em. :P
ooo... where did u find the pic?

I thought he looked cuter in real life :D
baby Xan! :D
hee it's from the age... or herald sun i think .... they have it in the archive =)
im definately wowed! and this thought has actually crossed my mind several times, especially with the kid up for adoption do high.. maybe thats an avenue for me? hehe. the angry black chicken has to get a chicky ma right? haha
darling you'll have to earn 75000 US first =)

till then let's settle for dogs.. are you going to buy one in hk?
i kinda know this blackdivine rite ???
yes lar dearie it's timmy.. remember timothy ?? always at yn one?
of coz i remember.. . . i didnt knw that he relocated in HK .