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Writing is a good way to reveal your personality. For me, it's paranoia. Every sentence, every word i use, I look back once again to see if it's wrong. And somehow I get a weird of form satisfaction if I find myself wrong, in order to justify for my paranoia. So there I keep re-writing my sentences, re-organising my ideas, until I realise, I've got 4 days more to squeeze out 5000 words. Research still needs to be done, dogs still need to be pee-ed, money still do be earned, food that need to be cooked, lovers that need to appease, friends that need to be entertained, sleep that needs to be catched up on... ...
same as me... busy period...

u can save the time to entertain me lah... let kaw krusty the cow clown do the entertaining... =P
but then, how will you pee? :p
bengy help me. i cannot keep up
how to entertain you, you always away and i hardly online...
very you.

no leh. not as perfectionist as you leh. and not as smart too. come help me write essay!
then aren't you glad we have NOoooo interaction at all?
BIG HUGS and hang in there!
where got NO! i just chatted with you for a while 2 days back!!! miss you leh
welcome to the mundane routine call Life!

life should be more interesting and colourful *winks*