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remember to kiss the moopsy poo
Fwah~ So prwetty. How much ah?
Aiyah, too bad I too Windows trained liao...
Besides, Macs are for rich and handsome parking attendants. =P
Oh, and for rich cows, high in calcium too.
a lot of other people got Macs ok!! it's an aj thingy! come australia visit me leh! i miss you leh old bitch
All the rich ppl lor~! Hmmm... I come during Mardi Gras? =)
wah! one year more! you dun miss me meh!
Of cos I miss my MiMi very very muchly~!
But I cannot afford 2 trips to Aussie from Uk lah.
Need to work and save marnee orhso wor.
You orsho never come visit me~ 8.(